Week One

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The SERVE workgroup has been at the Pokwo building site for a week now. John, Jim, Dale, and Dan arrived in Gambella on Friday’s plane, the day after David, Leah, and I arrived by car. We all drove out on Sat and began by setting up camp. I was amazed how the four Atlantic travelers fought off jet lag and kept going all day. The next day, Sunday, we worshiped in the round church where Dave must have spent many a Sunday morning in his childhood. The drumming, as usual, was phenomenal.
Sunday afternoon, Leah and I tried to keep it holy by just messing around. Dave and John couldn’t help but do some preliminary laying things out to get ready for Monday’s work. That afternoon, we were greeted by the leader of the “Woreda” (something like a county) who thanked us for coming. “Its good to see you back”, he said. We talked about the cooperative nature of the project and he completely agreed that everyone needed to participate. He promised to organize groups who would take turns showing up day by day to do what needs to be done.
I can’t tell you many stories from the work of the week, because I went back to Gambella on Tues morning to get some things that were lacking including a generator and some fuel. That proved to be a challenge. Because of the major relief effort for the people of South Sudan, Gambella is crawling with government and non-government organizations doing their thing. Hotel rooms are hard to come by and all the shops shelves are have half the products they usually do. Diesel fuel is rationed when it available. It took me three days to get the permission and then get the fuel and get it out to the work site. Coming and going is a challenge because my Toyota van doesn’t have 4 wheel drive and part of the road out to Akado, the village around the Pokwo Bethel Clinic, was rutted pretty well by the trucks carrying rocks and sand. I’m planning to continue twice a week forays as long as the weather allows it, or I can find a more suitable vehicle.
The rains are creating a more comfortable work space, cooling the air a bit. Even better are the days that it threatens to rain, but never quite does. The clouds block out the 100 degree rays of the Sub-Saharan sun.
We are thankful for mostly good health – some minor issues have passed uneventfully. We are thankful for the enthusiasm of the local community. Continue to pray for health and safety. Pray for the community to be encouraged by the building efforts and to build on the hope that they already know from reading God’s Word.
Rachel Weller

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  1. David & Leah Preston

    Thanks for posting this. Please let them know who wrote it so they will is talking when it is not you.


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