Daniel Vandervort- Group 1

The two weeks I spent in Pokwo, Ethiopia with family and friends working with the amazing people in that village was life-changing. Our purpose is to build a building, but more than that we are there to be a light and a witness to people who need to know the Love of God. David, Leah and the gang are still there and I hope you will pray for them.
One of my favorite memories is simply getting to spend two weeks with my Aunt Rachel and seeing life from her perspective for a while. The day I left, she and I had lunch together and talked. It was refreshing. One other memory that stands out to me is the Sunday afternoon I spent with Dale and Okello walking along the river enjoying what God made. We walked from Pokwo up the river for about half an hour and I thoroughly enjoyed taking in a different part of God’s earth. Across the river on a sandy beach were three or four crocodiles sunning themselves with their mouths open wide. They didn’t look intimidating from across the river but I’m sure I would have had different thoughts if I were closer!

I think sometimes it’s hard for Christians to embrace the truth that God loves and is with everyone everywhere. I was intimidated by the area’s remoteness and also by what I thought was spiritual remoteness. I was wrong…at least about the spiritual remoteness. God is everywhere and even if someone tried, he could never get away from Him. God is in Pokwo and He is working. I’m thankful for the time I spent their and for  how God grew me. I hope I get to go back again soon!
Daniel Vandevort
 (Pictures to Follow)

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