God is still at work

It may be a few months since the SERVE team left Pokwo but that does not mean that God is not at work still. There are several needs still prevalent in the region. Currently Jack Jordan is working in the Gambella region with both the Nuer and Anywaa people.  He has been working on finishing the last details of the house that the groups were not able to finish.

There are still needs to be met in the area. Now that the guest house is finished we need people to fill it. We need doctors and nurses to work at the clinic to help the needs of the locals.

There is also a need for English teachers. The school that is near the house teaches all high school subjects in English. The unfortunate thing is that there are few who can teach in English so much of what the students learn is hard for them to understand. An English teacher could work with either the high school or elementary students to teach them so that they could be able to better understand their studies.

Please pray for the continued needs as God fills them. He has not abandoned these people, and he could use you to help them, or someone you know.

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  1. David & Leah Preston

    Becky can you change the name to Jack Jordan. Thanks

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