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Thank You

A big huge thanks to all who helped build the little guesthouse in Pokwo! Many people were involved in this building project using their hands to build, their voices to pray, or their resources to support the work team and purchase materials. This is the beginning of God’s project of building Hope in that small village and the villages around. 
As a member of the East Gambella Bethel Synod (EGBS) work force, I would like to extend very sincere thanks from Okello Oluch, synod president; Okello Ager, clinic nurse; and Ahema Choro, the can-do guy who keeps it all together. The building project did bring together the young people and the old people of the  area and it showed the community that the people who first brought (or sent) Hope to the Anywaa people of Ethiopia still care about them.Image
There is a lot of work to do to help the community dig out of their routines of poverty. It is the hope of the EGBS that this house will be the first step in building relationships.
 Please be in touch if you hear God’s call to Pokwo – the village of hope! My email is wellerachel@gmail.com. I’m on facebook: Rachel Vandevort Weller. I’m on skype: rachel.v.weller
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Please check back in a few days for more about the experience of some of the volunteers throughout the project as well as lots more pictures.

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